“Dr. Inesta is the most thorogh and caring doctor I’ve ever seen.”

He always takes his time, explains everything, and does everything he can to make you feel comfortable and at home.   I highly recommend Dr. Inesta to everyone out there!

“He’s helped me with issues no one else has been able to fix”

Dr. Inesta is superbly gifted!  He is incredibly knowledgeable and well versed in a variety of different disciplines which he tailors to your individual needs. He also listens carefully and is always thorough in his approach, not just treating symptoms but directly addressing and alleviating underlying root causes. I highly recommend Dr. Inesta, he is a true healer!

“My health has improved dramatically under Dr. Inesta’s care.”

Dr. Inesta is the best! He is an outstanding doctor and always takes his time to develop and execute a treatment plan that is tailored for my specific issues. Highly recommended!

“What you have done for me is a miracle!”

I lived with severe chronic pain for over a decade after the trauma that caused my situation.  Luckily I never got caught in the prescription pain meds trap.  This morning as I popped out of bed pain free I closed my eyes, smiled and said a silent prayer of gratitude for the absence of that pain.  Thank you!

“He has always been able to find the cause of my pain and successfully treat it”

He is always concerned, listens to me and is patient. I found other doctors to be dismissive; prescribing  pain killers, but not telling me anything about my condition. I leave feeling hopeful and always learn something about the body and ways to avoid pain.  It is so wonderful to find a doctor who truly cares, make you feels you matter as a person, and doesn’t rely on drugs to make you feel better.  I feel very fortunate to be his patient.

“His knowledge and ability to explain my issues is unparalleled from any practitioner I have ever seen.” 

Dr. Inesta has a tremendous skill set to treat a variety of ailments. Dr. Inesta is as great of a person as he is a practitioner. I have laughed and cried in his office and have always felt comfortable with him. He truly cares for all his patients and puts everything he has into his treatments to make you feel better.

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