Sustainable Health

Effectively treating both the internal and external aspects of one’s health is essential. At ViaVitae Health, we believe that through helping our patients heal, we can help our communities and world heal.

While it is easy to think of one’s health as only based on the function of our internal organs, it’s just not that simple.

The external factors that we face in our day-to-day lives directly effect how we feel and function. Managing both the external and internal aspects or our world is a priority at ViaVitae Health, as we want our patients and communities to enjoy long and sustainable health.

The following aspects are what we prioritize in our daily practices as we strive to promote sustainable health among our patients:

  • Improve health for everyone, not just those who walk through our doors – Promoting healthy lifestyle choices encourages good health for more than just our patients. We encourage patients to educate friends and family about their healthy lifestyle choices. The best way to lead and influence others is by example. 
  • Use more accessible, less expensive and safer treatment methods – Maintaining health is a daily project unto itself. There’s no need to complicate it further by making it difficult to have access to care or the right resources. Our treatment methods are cutting-edge, effective, practical, and cost effective. We want to break down and free people from the barriers of the traditional “healthcare” model.

  • Environmental health is important to your health – Improving the environment is much more than a political debate. There is no questions that pollution has detrimental effects on the body. Man-made environmental disasters have caused significant consequences worsening the health of nearby residents. Making choices that promote environmental protection is essential to improving the external factors harming you and your loved ones and causing illness.

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