Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the frequently asked questions below. If you don’t find the answer to your question, feel free to contact our staff via email, or set up a FREE discovery consultation.
Do I Have To Be Sick To Be a Patient?
No! We encourage a proactive approach to health. When symptoms present themselves it usually means there has been underlying dysfunction in the body for some time prior. The earlier that dysfunction can be addressed, the better.
Email Etiquette
Patients have unlimited email contact with their ViaVitae Health provider team. However, if an email question or request is deemed by one of our staff to be too complicated or involved for a response via email they may, at their discretion, require that the member schedule a phone, telemedicine or in person visit instead of responding via email.
Scheduling & Cancellations
We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel or change an appointment, please do so at lest 48 hours in advance. If an Initial Consultation is missed or cancelled withing the 48 hour time period before the scheduled appointment, then you will still be financially responsible for the visit.


If a Nutrition and Lifestyle visit, Report of Findings visit, or clinical follow-up visit is missed or cancelled without 48 hours notice, you will be charged $100 to the card on file.

Do You Work With Children?
Yes, we work with children! Creating a healthy foundation for a healthy, thriving life is best done early on.
Do You Offer Family Packages?

Yes, we do offer a special credit for immediate family members living in the same household. We encourage families to go through this program together as it is easier to create health together as a support unit. Our goal is not only to help individuals, but to help entire communities.

Do I Qualify For the Via Essentials Program?
This program is for anyone looking to optimize their heath. The only time somebody is not qualified is if their condition requires urgent medical attention or if their health is too far-gone. If a client is not motivated and unwilling to take the steps necessary to improve their health they would not be a good candidate.
Why is the Intake Form So Long?
The intake form helps the clinician and the patient. We want to offer the most comprehensive approach and develop the most effective strategies to help you achieve your goals. It covers everything from birth/childhood history, past medical history, social history, up through present symptoms and situation. The more information we have, the better we can serve you.
What Should I Expect at the Initial Consultation?
At your initial consultation you will discuss your personal health goals and health history with Dr. Inesta. This will be an opportunity for you both to determine if you are a good candidate for our services.

Expect the consultation to last for 60 minutes. If you are a good candidate for the program we will go over the test kits, some details and paperwork to get you started. This will be an additional 10-15 minutes. We value your time and do our best to provide a timely service.

Should I Bring Anything With Me to the Initial Consultation?
We ask that you bring any medication, supplements, relevant medical records, lab/imaging test results with you. If you are not the financial decision maker, we ask that you bring your significant other with you to the consultation as well.
What Happens at the End of the Via Essentials Program?

Once we have helped you get to a stable place, we offer and recommend our Graduate Program for ongoing maintenance and support. The investment for this program is $1,499 for a year and includes 4 -1 hour calls and lab interpretation. 

How Many Visits Does the Via Essentials Program Include?
  • Initial Consultation – 1 hour in person 
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation Call – 1 hour
  • Lab Results Review and Clinical Strategy – 1 hour in person or phone 
  • 5 Follow-up Calls
We Are Not A Primary Care Physician
We do not treat disease or provide acute care services. We do not replace the services that your current medical team provides. We provide a stand-alone service to help you create health.

If you need to be seen urgently or have a medical emergency you would need to visit an ER, urgent care center or your prmary care physician.

We Do Not Bill Insurance Companies
The cost of any services provided by ViaVitae Health, with the exception of lab work, will be billed to you directly by ViaVitae Health.

Non-ViaVitae Health expenses such as lab tests may be covered somewhat by a member’s health insurance plan per that plan’s rules. You will deal with labs directly for billing and payment for their services.

ViaVitae Health will not submit a claim to insurance on your behalf. We cannot assist you with claim resolution for our services.

What is the Investment for the Initial Consulation?

The initial consultation is $295. This is processed at the time of scheduling in order to reserve the appointment.

Do You Offer Single Lab Tests or A-La-Carte Lab Testing?
We do not offer a-la-carte testing since this goes against our paradigm of functional medicine. In order to address the root causes of your health issues, we will need to take a more comprehensive and committed approach. We only work with patients on a case management basis in this program.
What is the Investment for the Via Essentials Program?

Our Essentials program starts at $3,499. This does not include lab testing and supplements, which are customized based on your individual needs and findings.

Our initial consult is $295 paid in advance to reserve the appointment and goes toward the balance of the program if we proceed. If after the initial consult we agree to proceed with the program, the remainder of $3204 investment will be processed.

We offer a free 15 minute DIscovery Phone Consult to answer any questions you may have and determine if this program is right for you before comitting to an initial consult.

Lab Test Investment
  • On average, lab test investment is between $500-$1500.
  • A portion of some functional lab testing fees may be covered by some insurance companies, depending on the plan.
  • The specific tests ordered will be personalized to you based on your initial evaluation with Dr. Inesta and may include stool, urine, saliva and blood testing.
  • We will make every effort to make you fully aware of any lab fees that may be incurred.
  • We offer direct lab rates in which the patient pays the lab directly to ensure the lowest rate possible.
About Lab Tests
  • Most lab tests ordered by a Infinite Wellness physician will be billed directly to your insurance by the lab.
  • Some lab tests we offer as part of our functional medicine testing program may not be covered by insurance and in these cases you will be charged a fee for a particular test by the lab or through Infinite Wellness.
  • The specific tests ordered will be personalized to you based on your initial evaluation with an Infinite Wellness doctor and may include blood saliva urine or stool testing.
  • We will make every effort to make you fully aware of any additional lab fees that may be incurred and to give you the opportunity to choose which lab tests you feel comfortable paying for.
  • You are under no obligation to purchase any specialty testing.
  • Should any lab results indicate you may need further testing you will be directed to continue your care with your primary care physician or a relevant specialist, or should you choose you may continue to work with your Infinite Wellness physician.
  • At home test kits: If a lab test kit is mailed to you by Infinite Wellness, you will be charged the day the kit is mailed.
  • If your particular insurance company only pays for blood work done at a particular lab facility like LabCorp, you must inform us of this in advance of having blood work done. Most insurance plans cover labs done by major national labs – however, including Bioreference, which is a lab often used by Infinite Wellness Health because of their favorable pricing policies for patients.
Can I Use My HSA or FSA Account?
  • Yes. Please check with your HR department to be sure.
Will I Have to Take Supplements?
  • Supplements can be an important part of the program. Supplement recommendations are targeted based on specific needs or nutrient deficiencies found in the lab test results. They are used as corrective tools to get the patient to a better place.Supplements do not replace lifestyle or dietary changes. That’s why they are called supplements, not replacements. Food should always be the main source of nutrients. Unfortunately our modern food supply has been depleted of much nutritional value, so supplements can help to make up for this loss.We also find that many programs load the patient with as may supplements as possible. We want patients to not have to be dependent on pills of any kind. We prefer to simplify and focus on lifestyle. In some cases, long term use may be necessary. But our goal is to use the least amount of supplements as possible.
What is the Investment for Supplements?
  • The investment for supplements will vary based on individual needs and test findings and will usually be between $500-$1500.  Although supplements can be an important part of the program, our goal is to minimize the amount of supplements needed by emphasizing lifestyle changes.

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